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Dr Sigman is the author of five books on PSHE-related topics including Getting Physical which won The Times Educational Supplement's Information Book Award.

 Book Review in medical journal Alcohol and Alcoholism Vol. 46, No. 6, p. 737, December 2011, Oxford University Press

"Aric Sigman writes in an attractive and compelling way about the extent of this problem and the need for an action by parents, educators, public health workers and Government.... he brings to the book an arresting and attractive style that will engage the understanding of thoughtful and interested parents, teachers, clinicians and adolescents. ... the arguments he presents are compelling."

Bruce Ritson, Chairman, Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems, Vice President, Medical Council on Alcohol, Chairman of the Addiction Faculty of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and World Health Organization Consultant.

Alcohol Nation

The Spoilt Generation





Remotely Controlled


Awarded five stars by the Independent on Sunday:
" ... his argument is compelling. Sigman might inspire his own brand of TV dementia: sets thrown wildly from open bedroom windows, Aerosmith-style, smashing to smithereens while whole neighbourhoods applaud. Seriously, TV can ruin your life."

Personal Choice of Publishing News:

"... the damage done to children, is forcefully pointed out. I found Sigman's critique most welcome."

The Bookseller:

"This is a book after my own heart, and every press should do a feature on it"